Mission and Vision

The Association pledges to be to help and to serve as the multi-disciplinary guidance to collect, generate, and spread information in regards with environmental health toxins. Benefactors shall include buildings, industrial sites, and other operations that require particular attention while operating.

A major task of EIA is to help monitor, evaluate, and control the potential and possible health risk outcomes resulting from the use of environmental health hazards while constructing buildings and infrastructures. The members of EIA shall acknowledge this work as vital and impactful both on the life expectancy and quality of all citizens in the community.

The association shall require its members to have honesty, integrity, and competence regarding environmental matters. One must be dedicated to the protection, health, and safety of the public and welfare. In conduction and performance of the job, one must have a professional behavior before the highest degree of principles of ethical conduct based on the public, clients, employees, and their profession.

The mission of the association and its people shall be bonded with work roles such as: harnessing the safety, health, and welfare of employees and the public while in the performance or in the act of service, release public statement only in an objective and truthful manner, maintain an exemplary behavior to uplift the integrity of the association, show encouragement of professional development towards those they govern, and promote education to the public in regards to environmental safety and management.

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