Tips On Recycling

January 17, 2018 By envasns_org

The thing is over 80% of what you use or throw in the trash can be reused or repurposed; this means that before you disposal off something you should ask yourself one critical question, can this be recycled? If it’s recyclable get it recycled if it can’t be recycled dispose of it properly.

For instance, if you have shredded paper the best thing to do is to burn it, the remarkable thing about recycling is most times it doesn’t require much effort especially at home. There are environmentally friendly ways to get rid of things in your home that you don’t need, check out the following.

Buy or designate a recycling bin

In that bin you should put all plastics that you no longer need, the idea is to separate the organics from the inorganics. The good thing about most plastic products is you can re-use them e.g. to store water or in arts and craft. However, if you can’t reuse it make sure that it ends up in the right place e.g. in a landfill or waste to energy facility. The simple way of doing that is to put it in the trash.

Burning plastics is not a good idea, look at it this way some can kill you. Simply put, when you are done using plastics don’t throw them out the window or on the road get them recycled.

Stop buying bottled water

Water is still water whether it comes out of a tap or high up in some spring on the Himalayas. Assume that you buy bottled water every day for a month, that’s 30 bottles. Not only is this expensive depending on where you are and what you are buying, but it is also bad for the environment.

What happens is you may leave that bottle on a chair somewhere or at the park etc. own, combine that with waste other people produce and you have a dirty city or neighborhood.

My advice is, carry reusable container and instead of buying coffee served in plastic cups carry your thermos. An even better the idea is to stop using single-use plastic products in general; I’m talking about things like straws, bottles, plastic paper bags, disposable razors, etc.

Shop in bulk

If you go to the market every day you will have to carry what you buy most times with plastic papers, the problem with most of us is once we are done with plastic papers we don’t know what to do with them. A good option of that will keep your home plastic paper free is to switch to cardboard papers and to shop in bulk.

Shopping in bulk will reduce the waste that comes from packaging, in the long run, this will reduce the amount of plastic waste you put into the environment.

It’s all about common sense if you know that something you are doing to the environment is bad. You should stop doing that thing today; this is for your good and everyone else.

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