January 25, 2018 By envasns_org

No matter how young or old you are one thing remains we all have to share this planet, this means that we all have an equal responsibility to take care of it. Being young is not an excuse to be harsh to the environment. In fact, being young gives you more time to help “save” the planet.

If you are still living with your parents this is not the time to start thinking about buying solar panels, what you as an individual should start thinking about is. Given what you have now what can you do to help?

Start by Volunteering

When you volunteer for something that is of a worthy cause you get to learn, meet people and the experience you get from it will look good on your resume in the future. If there is a conservation project at school or near your home, you should take the opportunity and volunteer.

Volunteering can open doors for you that will remain closed to people who don’t, therefore if you want to help this is the place to start.

Get Educated

It pays to know what and why you are doing what you are doing if you understand the issues you are dealing with you will be in a better position to help fix them. The idea is to keep up with current happenings around the world; the best way to do this is to watch documentaries, the news, read environmental articles, etc.

By doing this, you will discover things you can do or get ideas or inspiration for conservation when you learn something don’t keep it, so yourself share it with others and keep the knowledge flowing. Getting an education on this topic can be fun; therefore I suggest that you start educating yourself today.

Recycle and Avoid Littering

The problem with littering is it’s very easy to do, e.g. assume that you just bought a piece of candy wrapped in plastic. To get to the candy, you must un-wrap it; the question is what do you do with the wrapper? Many people simply throw it away without second thought.

The problem with that is, that piece of plastic paper is nonbiodegradable. This means that it can stay around in its current state for up to 500 years. What you can do is put it in the trash; this will ensure that it gets recycled. Understand that all plastic products are recyclable, therefore put them in the garbage. Alternatively, you can collect and sell them.

Avoid Wastage

If something is not in use make sure that it’s not plugged in, when it comes to water, don’t leave it running or play with it. Water is paramount thus only use it when you have to and don’t use too much of it. The planet is running out of fresh water, in fact, it is predicted that water will become a commodity that is traded like oil in future.

Your role is to keep that future from happening.